Whether you need help managing a crisis, scaling programs, or overhauling an institutional mission and operations, we help organizations build capacity to successfully and sustainably manage ongoing challenges. We provide assessments of organizational operations to help you identify challenges, opportunities, strengths, trends and best practices to come up with a well-designed strategic plan that prepares you most effectively for the future. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Work with you to design an organizational assessment using culturally-appropriate tools you help design, including focus groups and interviews
  • Conduct organizational reviews, including staffing and operational structures, revenue streams, and services mapping to help organizations assess their mission and their accountability and effectiveness in the communities served
  • Facilitate the development of strategic plans with staff and leadership
  • Assess and facilitate existing or potential cooperation with local, national and international partners and stakeholders to maximize resources and service delivery capacity
  • Provide interim and crisis management leadership and help leadership and staff build capacity for incoming leaders