Increasing and often conflicting demands from community stakeholders and donors, and dwindling organizational resources, are frequent programmatic challenges. It’s more important than ever to have a well-mapped plan that includes solid stakeholder buy-in, sufficient institutional resource capacity, effective implementation strategies, and results-based accountability mechanisms. Whether you are contemplating a new program, working on implementation, or struggling with program management issues, we can help you plan and execute effective strategies for successful, long term programming.

Examples of the services we provide:

  • Stakeholder identification, outreach and assessment
  • Design of cross-cultural and intersectional strategies for engaging, and sustaining, stakeholders and building stakeholder relationships
  • Conduct resource assessments, including potential and existing revenue streams, staffing capacity and community support
  • Develop work plans, program budgets and sub-contractor budgets and work plans
  • Design program monitoring and assessment tools
  • Conduct pre, post, and interim program assessments
  • Provide guidance on subcontractor management and assessment
  • Provide program management or interim program management services
  • Write interim and final program reports