We have helped civil society groups, government organizations, universities, lawyers, ministries of justice and others build capacity for sustainable, successful training programs. Whether in conflict situations, post-conflict countries, developing nations or small U.S. cities, we provide short and long-term technical assistance, including:

  • Provide assessments of institutional capacity to develop and maintain robust training programs, including review of internal operations, staffing, resources and revenue streams, monitoring and evaluation capabilities, and sustainability and strength of leadership/institutional support
  • Conduct learning needs assessments, including desk review of documents relating to institutional or community need, using tools such as stakeholder/staff focus groups, written assessment tools, surveys, and interviews
  • Develop culturally-appropriate training manuals, curricula, training modules, M&E and assessment tools, and training program assessment benchmarks and outcomes
  • Identify domestic and foreign experts to assist with materials development, training or assessment as needed; designing methods for assessing experts; monitor and evaluate expert involvement
  • Conduct interactive, hands on trainings of trainers workshops
  • Conduct assessments of training programs and provide data-based recommendations and reports to organizations, funders and universities
  • Facilitate collaborations with other local, national and international actors operating in the same space to enhance organizational capacity